Yellow Muscat (Musketir)


Composed: 100% yellow nutmeg
Sugar level: Semi-sweet
Alcohol level: 13.00% vol
Year: 2021
      Served 12-14 °C

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Is an aromatic semi-dry wine of bright yellowish green color, which enchants connoisseurs and lovers. It comes from the location of Špegla and directly embodies the loving care that the winegrower dedicates to the vine, giving admiration to every bottle of wine. A pleasant and long-lasting delicate bouquet, in which Chinese lychees, pineapple and mango cannot be hidden, it continues its journey in a noble, varietal characteristic taste. It goes well with slightly sweet desserts and delicate biscuits.

Quantity: 0.75 l
Packed: No. Bottles in carton 6, carton weighs 8.3 kg
Harvest: Hand-picked grapes
Wine color: Golden color with shades of yellow straw
Aroma of the wine: A strong note of elderflower with the freshness of lemon and wisteria
Taste: Freshly squeezed nutmeg, slightly dried oatmeal in the background
Food combination: Slightly sweet desserts, tender biscuits, combination with white chocolate and cherry