The winegrowing tradition of Slejko family reaches far back. Anton Slejko first farmed this land and in 1926 handed the farm over to his then 13 year old son Venceslav.

Grandpa Venceslav was quite successful in wine production so in 1970 his son Anton decided it was time to upgrade the vineyards.

He planted indigenous varieties, modernized the cellar and began with bottling and selling under his own label. In 1989 he founded the first private co-op in what was then Yugoslavia and in 1990 the “de Adami “label was first used.

These days, the tradition continues with Anton’s son Borut, the fourth generation Slejko family. He enlarged the property which now encompasses 8 hectares (19.8 acres) and he is proud to follow in his forefathers’ path with a well thought out plan, from vineyard to bottle, and a clear vision to strive higher and pursue the goal of producing the best quality wines with the outmost respect for the land.

De Adami wines are now known not only in Slovenia but also internationally and have won many awards in local and international competitions.