Historical records show that Adami Clemse was an administrator of count Mihael Rabbat during the time of Emperor Ferdinand III. In 1621 he opened an institute where impoverish local boys could get an education. The records also note that he brought the grape vines to our region and the vine growing later spread to other parts of Vipava Valley and to Goriska Brda. Adami Clemse died on August 8, 1649 and was buried in Zalosce church. In 2001, a memorial plaque was built into the wall of our church to remind us of our famous fellow countryman.


In 1989, the first private co-op was founded in Yugoslavia-“Zaloscan”.

In 1990 began the bottling and selling wines under “de Adamis” label

In 1995, the new, bigger cellar was built with ample space for bottling, storing and wine tasting which was an important step in the recognition of the co-op.

In 2001, at the SIW, (Slovenian Incoming Workshop) the flagship B2B tourist event, the co-op received the award for bottling wine the way it was originally done and for the way the wine label was engraved. See our vintage 1996 Merlot

In 2002, the cellar bottled 2000 bottles as protocol gifts for then president of Slovenia, Janez Drnovsek.

In 2006, we were invited to Bruxelles as representatives of Zaloscan cellar to celebrate the entrance of Slovenia into European Union and the adoption of euro.

In 2007 followed another invitation by EU to Vienna, this time to celebrate the Slovenian presidency of the council of EU.

To date, Zaloscan cellar has received more than 200 awards in different competitions at home and abroad.