Composed: 100% pinela
Sugar level: Dry
Alcohol level: 13.50% vol
Year: 2022
      Served 10-14 °C

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One of the oldest Vipava wine grape varieties, more feminine than Zelen wine, but no less interesting, fresh and popular. And it has been so for centuries. The wine boasts with gentle bright green-yellow colour, intense bouquet reminiscent of various flowers and fruits, especially citrus fruits and peaches. The flavour is rounded off with pleasant and fresh acids, bringing together other characteristics of this noble wine and making it harmonious. Because the wine is easy-drinking, it goes well with home-made prosciutto and other meat dishes, fish and seafood dishes.

Quantity: 0,75 l
Packed: No. Bottles in carton 6, carton weighs 8.3 kg
Harvest: Hand-picked grapes
Wine color: Characteristic gentle light greenish yellow color
Aroma of wine: Mainly after citrus and peaches
Taste: Quite intense flower with a variety of floral and fruity sensations, especially with citrus and peaches
Food combination: Homemade prosciutto, meat, fish and seafood dishes