Regina red


Composed of: Merlot and barbera
Sugar level: Dry
Alcohol level: 13.00% vol
Year: 2019
      Served 12-16 °C

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Varietal composition: Merlot, Barbera

The color is bright red with ruby shades. Distinct varietal characteristics with perceptions of very ripe blackberries, in the background sage. Regina is medium in flavor with velvety tannins reminiscent of Mediterranean herbs.

Food pairing: matured beef or marinated capon (young rooster)

Stored: Concrete tank 12 months, wooden barrel (2500 l) 12 months
Quantity: 0.75 l
Packed: No. Bottles in carton 6, carton weighs 8.3 kg
Harvest: Hand-picked grapes
Wine color: Vibrant red with ruby
Aroma of wine: Very ripe blackberry in the background of sage
Taste: Fresh, slightly salty, velvety tannin, reminiscent of Mediterranean herbs Combination with food: Ripe beef, marinated capon (young rooster)